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Religion in America : Articles About USA
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Articles About USA

Religion in America

The individualism described above influences the way Americans express spirituality and religion. There are so many different religious expressions in the U.S. that it can seem like a spiritual Mall of America—a religion for every taste and style. Freedom of religious expression is a constitutional right in the U.S., and Americans have taken full advantage of that freedom.

According to a recent national survey made by the Pew Forum, Catholic and Protestant faiths continue to be the most prominent of all faiths in the American culture. There are many subdivisions among these two groups, especially among the protestant churches. But it is correct to say that the U.S. population is still mostly Christian.

Religion in America Religion in the U.S. can create a lot of debate and argument, especially when it mixes with politics and public education. Religious groups have an influence in politics even though there are many strong legal barriers against mixing Church and State. Despite religious influence, religion is not allowed to play a direct role in American public institutions, including public schools.

Nevertheless, religious groups often play a positive role in communities around the U.S. They provide services for the poor, help to educate millions of children, establish top-rated universities, form social groups, and make large financial contributions to international aid organizations.

Because of the extensive religious diversity in the U.S., most Americans prefer that a person’s faith and beliefs remain private and individualized. By showing respect for other faiths and not imposing personal beliefs, people avoid conflict in a diverse society. There are plenty of opportunities and forums where people can discuss and debate religious perspectives in a civil manner.

Author: Glenn McMahan


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Religion in America : Articles About USA