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Driver's License in USA : Articles About USA
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Articles About USA

Driver's License in USA

Driver's License is a document technically required by all states in order to operate a car or other motor vehicle. You can obtain a US Driver's License in a Division of Motor Vehicles of any state.

Foreign citizens and travelers can operate a car in US with international driver's license.

US Road Sings

Road signs in USA are different from european or russian signs. Speed is measured in miles per hour, not kilometers. Below is an collage of signs you may see on american roads:

US Road Signs
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Common Abbreviations

  • AV, AVE - Avenue, (5th Avenue)
  • ST, STR - Street, (Main Street)
  • RD - Road, (Pine Road)
  • PK - Pike, usually small straight street (Old Madison Pike)
  • CRT, CT - Court, usually small residential street with no through traffic (dead end)
  • CY, CYN - Canyon, this is a common street abbreviation in California
  • DR - Drive, (Benson Drive)
  • LN - Lane, (Court Lane)
  • BLVD - Boulevard (Martin Luther King)
  • CIR, CR - Circle, usually small street in a development where both ends come out on the same street; regular circle
  • LP - Loop, same as Circle
  • PL - Place, square
  • SQ - Square, (Madison Square)
  • HWY - Highway, high speed road
  • FWY - Freeway, high speed road in some states, usually California
  • If you are looking for other auto related information, read our Auto News section.


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    Driver's License in USA : Articles About USA