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Buy international calling cards here! Site owned by telecommunications company Nobel. Nobel offers the largest selection of prepaid calling cards and international products and services. Has its own VoIP network connecting US and Europe. Recently company was ranked 79 in the INC 500 list of 500 fastest growing companies in the world.
Get 800- and 888- numbers with free redirection to your phone, multiple extensions, internet access, multiple voice mails, etc. Perfect solution for small business telephone service!
Provides broadband phone service. Canel your high-priced local phone company, and use internet connection for you phone calls! Unlimited plans, cheap international calls for just $19.95 a month!

Vonage Vonage
Vonage offers unlimited local and long distance phone calls for just $24.99. All you need is an internet access. Even keep your current phone number! International calls as low as 1c per minute.
Cheap prepaid cards and great long-distance and international long distance rates. Best for calling Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and other countries of former Soviet Union.
Prepaid Long-distance and phone cards provider. Offers many calling cards to Russia, Ukraine and around the world such as The Good Card, Global Papa, EuroMAMA, Svintus USA, Across America, Night Owl, TeleTzar, Happy Hours Europa, Africa MAMA, Biblio-Globus USA, Asia MAMA, International Voyager, OmniCall and more. Also offers Peanuts LD and EverCall Plus long distance services

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Phones, Calling Cards