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Russian America is a russian informational portal in USA. Also referred to as Russian America, it is a large community informational website for russians who live in USA - russians in USA, and also in other countries about America.

United States has a community of over 5 million russian-speaking people, including those born in Russia and countries of Former Soviet Union, and also abroad or in the United States. This wide audience is interested in a variety of information about Russia and US. We offer wide variety of information including news about US and Russia, US city guide It is quite common that our visitors speak both russian and english fluently. We are providing such information in 2 languages, including news about America and Russia, US city guides, weather, catalog of russian companies in USA ( Russian Yellow Pages ), russian forum, classifieds and number of other services for our regular and business visitors.

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Site History was launched in 2002 as a russian informational website about Philadelphia. Site was expanded in early 2003 to cover all United States. The name was changed to, and it was converted into a russian portal in USA, i.e. Russian America.

Over 200,000 visitors browse our pages monthly.

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