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US Visa Types, American Visa Types
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US Visa

Russian passport visa

Most common visas to United States are travel visa B-2, student visa F-1, and work visas H-1B and L1. Immigration visas, that will allow you to get a permanent residency permit (Greencard) are C, O, K-1.

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Types of U.S. Visas

Visa Type Dependent Visa Description
A   Diplomat,
Foreign Government Official
B-1   Visitor's Visa (Business)
B-2   Visitor's Visa (pleasure, tourism)
C   Aliens in Transit Visa
D   Crewman
E1   Treaty Trader (1)
E2   Treaty Investor (1)
F1 F2 Foreign Student Visa,
Dependent cannot work
G   International Organization Employee
H-1B H4 Work Permit [Temporary Worker]
Dependent cannot work
I   Foreign Information Media [Journalism]
J1 J2 Exchange visitor/scholar/doc.
Student can work off-campus if International Student Office gives a letter of authorization. May be subject to 18 months presence in the home country requirement. Dependent can work but needs to get the permission from INS
K1 K2 K1 - for direct fiancee of US citizen
K2 - for children of fiancee
L-1 L-2 Intra-Company Transferee
M   Vocational Student
N   Parents of certain Special Immigrants
special immigrant status (retired officers/employees previously accorded G-4 visa status)
O   Aliens of extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics
P1 P2 Renowned artists, entertainers and athletes coming for internationally recognized or culturally unique performances
Q   Participants in international cultural exchange programs which provide practical training, employment and which involve the sharing of history, culture traditions of the applicant's country
R   Certain religious workers
NATO   Representatives and staff of member states of NATO

(1) - USA has a Trade Treaty with some countries, according to which professionals from these countries can work in United States. Among these countries are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Moldova and Ukraine

Here's how a typical US Visa looks:

US Visa

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US Visa Types, American Visa Types