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Russian Fun and Entertainment
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Russian Fun and Entertainment

Welcome to The Place of fun and entertainment of Russian America! Here you can enjoy you time online or find out what's happening in the real world. Read russian anecdotes and aphorizms, or share your own. Check your weekly horoscope. Listen to russian radio - anywhere in the world, on your computer. Want to know the schedule of Russian TV in America, or where to go on the weekend? You found the right place. Enjoy!

Russian Music
russian turntable
Check out our music collection of russian modern bands. Listen to popular hits. With some luck, you'll be able to find a rare remix, or long forgotten favorite song.
Russian Radio
russian radio
Listen to top russian radion stations online

Russian Dating

- years
Продается русский голубой кот. Без документов.

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Your Weekly Horoscope
Weekly horoscope
Do you want to know the future? Learn if this is your lucky week? Maybe it's time to start saving money? Yet maybe tomorrow you will get that once-in-lifetime chance to talk to that cute person you've been thinking about? Read about it in your weekly horoscope...

For Sport Fans
This is a sport fan's heaven. Information about arenas and stadiums of major teams in the region: New York Rangers, Nicks, Yankies and Giants, Philadelphia Flyers, Sixers, Eagles and Phillies, New Jersey Devils, Baltimor Ravens, Washington Capitals, and more. Also some public courts, fields and places for sport competitions.


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Russian Fun and Entertainment