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About Los Angeles CA USA
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About Los Angeles CA USA
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Los Angeles CA

Los Angeles CALos Angeles is one of those cities of American lore that can both live to and fail the expectations of its visitors and residents. Sprawling across miles of Orange and Los Angeles County space, Los Angeles is made up of multiple districts, each of them in their own right a small city, from Hollywood to Beverly Hills, Downtown to Malibu.

The Los Angeles you see on a map, consuming over 400 square miles and surrounded by a metropolitan area of more than 37,000 square miles is a massive task to try and see. Spending your time in any one of the many neighborhoods only allows you to get to know a small portion of what makes Los Angeles what it is. The full character of the city comes from the combination of everything. There is literally something for anyone in LA though. Pop Culture and movie fans will immediately head for Hollywood and Universal Studios.

The artists will be interested in the massive art galleries, including the Getty in Brentwood and the other Getty in Malibu as well as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. For those interested in the sandy beaches and sunny weather, Santa Monica or Venice or Malibu Beaches might be your first stop, not to mention Griffith Park, one of the largest in the country. And theres always downtown, a sprawling metropolitan sector complete with the best in shopping, eateries, and sightseeing options of its own.

Setting foot in Los Angeles might at first seem like a daunting task, one that requires a GPS system and car with a lot of gas to properly enjoy. Its a thriving megatropolis, complete with world-class everything, and for those not familiar with anything beyond Hollywood and Disneyland, youre in for a real treat.

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About Los Angeles CA USA