Farengheit to Celcius Converter
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Farengheit to Celcius Converter

Farengheit scale is a tempetarute scale proposed in 18th century by Daniel Gabriel Farengheit. It is commonly used in United States to measure temperature.

Convert Degrees:

Celcius-Farengheit Table

By the end of 20th Century most countries use Celcius scale, except USA. Canada occasionaly uses Farengheit as its supplemental scale. On the Fahrenheit scale, the freezing point of water is 32 degrees Fahrenheit (F , 0 Celcius) and the boiling point 212 F (100 Celcius).

Farenheight to Celcius Conversion Formulae:

[C] = ([F] − 32) × 5⁄9

[F] = [C] × 9⁄5 + 32

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Farengheit to Celcius Converter