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Banner Advertising in USA

EnEn  Rus offers banner and text advertising for the periods of 1 month or more. You can place banners in the following sections: main page, all pages, or a specific site section.

Advertising blocks on the Main Page of the portal: banner advertising main page, advertising blocks

Blocks where advertising can run in "Across all site" mode*: Top, Header, Right, Footer.

You can place a text ad instead of a banner in the same block.

Supported banner formats: gif, jpeg, jpg, png, flash, javascript. We can provide statistics of displays and clicks for all banners except flash and javascript.

Geo-targeting is possible, we can target your ad to users from a specific country.

All prices are for the exclusive banner placement, i.e. when only your banner is displayed in the slot allocated (example, a 120x600 slot may have 5 exclusive 120x120 banners). Banners can be placed in a rotation:
  • 1:2 (2 banners in rotation) - 30% discount per banner
  • 1:3 (3 banners in rotation) - 50% discount per banner

  • * - banner will run on all pages were possible, except system pages and user configurations. "Right" banner will not run in Forum section.

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    Banner Advertising in USA