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Offshore outsourcing potential

22 Feb 2006 viewed (447)  comments (0) 

In this article russian company BCS-IT answers common outsourcing quesionts.

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What are the important benefits of outsourcing for companies that choose to use outside services for internal IT-tasks?

Outsourcing allows you to withdraw nonspecialized tasks outside the company and makes new resources available.

After analyzing its mission, strategy and processes the company can pick out non core elements and withdraw such processes outside the company. This way, the internal resources can be switched to other more important processes.

The typical example would be the following: a retailment company gives an outside provider a task for e-shop development. The customer company may have its own development department. But besides different development tasks it faces multitude of daily tasks in supporting smooth company’s IT system work. In this case this process which is critical for company will stay inside of it. E-shop development will be given to outside provider.

What about new resources? Most of IT companies in offshore business are constantly searching for interesting professionals and extending wide network of professional contacts. Even the companies with big IT or HR department can hardly compete with them in this field. Also we always have to face all kinds of projects. Thus our IT specialists are highly experienced in many fields. If the proper outsourcing strategy and reliable partner has been chosen the company receives access to highly qualified resources that are able to solve the most difficult tasks.

Of course, outsourcing can also reduce costs because customer company pays only for completed work, and not for idle time. But you shouldn’t expect outsourcing to save you 50%. Even if everything was done right the savings will amount up to 30%. That is what you should be guided by.
I should notice that for BCS-IT one of our strongest sides is our location. We are situated in the third largest scientific centers in Russia and thus can easily find any very specific professional on a short notice and his work would still be cheaper than in Europe or USA.

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Offshore outsourcing potential