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Benefits of Outsourcing to Russia

31 Jan 2006 viewed (999)  comments (0) 

When outsourcing is already considered as an option it is important to decide what destination the outsourcing should be sent. In Consult IT Now we believe that all destinations have their own advantages and disadvantages and that it is not correct to make a comparison between them all. That would be like comparing apples to oranges.

But we can outline several advantages of going to Russia without comparing it with other countries. Understanding this several statements will help you to make a right decision.

1. High number of well qualified professionals
There are10000 alumni in Computer Science field and mathematics annually. The Russian educational system produces more graduates with advanced degrees, particularly in the sciences and engineering Russia prepares more PhDs in the sciences and engineering than India and China combined. Russia is widely and justifiably acknowledged to have a top quality education system, that produces computing, mathematics and science graduates of the highest standard. This provides an enormous pool of highly qualified and English speaking IT specialists covering all computer languages and disciplines.
In fact, many of Consult IT Now employees are graduates from Novosibirsk State University which is well known for its high level of education and are working now for receiving masters or PhD degree.

2. Low labor cost
Russia also has a low cost economy. The comparative cost of English speaking Russian programmers is between a third and a quarter of their UK counterparts - with an even greater variance when compared to Western European and US personnel. This means that equivalence in ability comes at a fraction of contemporary Western IT development costs

3. Business environment
Business environment in Russia is fast developing and of unlimited potential. Despite of the crisis in 1998 IT and telecommunication spheres were two fields that managed to grow and develop. In August that year, the ruble was devalued by 183%, inflation rose to 38% and unemployment rose to 11.5%. The software market flourished despite its troubled marketplace. Despite the poor economic progress of Russia, the software development industry is stable. To a certain extent, it is independent of the Russian economy.
The economic and political climate has already stabilized and improved during President Vladimir Putin's first term in office. Russian president pays a lot of attention to IT industry development in the country. He is planning to build several technoparks in major scientific centres including Novosibirsk in few years.

4. Convenient time difference
Modern communications puts Russia virtually next door. And the minimal time zone differential (GMT +3) means development is often during Western European core working hours- an invaluable asset that speeds up problem resolution and helps keep a social life in good repair.

5. Recognition of Russia by world leaders
For the last few years several big companies have chosen Russia for organization of offshore development and research center


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Benefits of Outsourcing to Russia