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How to Learn Russian You don't need to be in Russia to learn Russian. There are many sites on the internet that will show you basics of the Russian language, and many books you can buy and study. As original carriers of russian culture in the US (most of our staff speaks native russian) we will show you basics of the language, and will help you jump-start it. Additionally, our business catalog provides a list of schools, educational centers and private teachers specializing in languages.

Here you will be able to find Russian alphabet, basic lessons, helpful tips on learning Russian language, russian-english and english-russian online dictionary, and several other tools. Also, you can talk to many native russians in our Russian Forum and chat in Russian Chat - what can be more valuable than a real conversation with native language speakers?!

Learn Russian Alphabet

Russian alphabet is a modern version of Cyrillic alphabet. You will find many letters that have no equivalent in English. For more, visit our Russian Alphabet page.

Tools for Learning Russian

We've developed several online tools to help you learn Russian:
  • English Russian Dictionary - large online dictionary
  • Random Russian Word - this is a game that will help you test your russian. You will see russian words, and will have to guess its meaning. Works other way too (for English words)

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