Russian Alphabet

Russian Alphabet

The Russian alphabet consists of 33 letters: 21 consonants, 10 vowels, and two letters without sound - soft sign and hard sign

Russian Letter Letter's Name, in Russian How to Prononunce Transliteration 1 Vowel
"ah"a in carax
"beh"b in bitb-
"veh"v in vinev-
"geh"g in gog-
"deh"d in dod-
"yeh"ye in yetye or ex
"yo"yo in yolkyox
"zheh"s in pleasurezh-
"zeh"z in zooz-
"ee"ee in seeix
"ee kratkoyeh"
"short ee"
y in boyi or y or j-
"kah"k in kittenk-
"ehl"l in lampl-
"ehm"m in mapm-
"ehn"n in notn-
"oh"o in folkox
"peh"p in petp-
"ehr"r in roll 2r-
"ehs"s in sees-
"teh"t in tipt-
"oo"oo in bootux
"ehf"f in facef-
"khah"h in house 3kh or h-
"tseh"ts in sitsts-
"cheh"ch in chipch-
"shah"sh in shutsh-
"schyah"sh in sheepsch-
"tvyordiy znahk"
"hard sign"
"i"i in illyx
"myagkeey znahk"
"soft sign"
"eh"e in metex
"yoo"u in useyux
"yah"ya in yardyax

1 - Using the Latin letters to type Russian words with the Latin keyboard
2 - you have to really "rrroll" your tongue to get it to sound Russian
3 - the hard sounded "h" ("house"), also compared to "x" sound when pronounced in Spanish (ex.: "Mexico"); is usually transliterated as "kh"
4 - is called the hard sign and used in modern Russian spelling only as a separation sign
5 - is called the soft sign and is generally used to indicate the softness of consonants

Russian Alphabet

Hand-written letters of russian alphabet:

Russian Alphabet

Russian Keyboard:

Russian Keyboard

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Russian Alphabet, Russian Letters